[Solved] VBA : Upgrade Fears

  • Morning All,

    I work in a small office and create a number of Apps (mostly Excel) for use on the company network. Currently running W95 and Office 97.

    Apparantly over the next weekend, we're all getting new PC's running XP and Office XP. Should I throw a sickie? Are all my Apps about to crumble?

    Please advise, warn or console as applicable.


  • Hi John,

    First of all, have faith :)

    Upgrading from 97 to the latest softwares might sound scary but:

    All Your app will be running in the new enviroment since You using establish
    techniques. MS-products har well-know for backward-compatibilities.

    All the well-known commands can be executed.

    However, the biggest challenge will be the interface, both in Windows XP and in Office XP. Compared with 95/97 they are filled with whistle & bells and You will be surpriced over how much the softwares insist on "guiding" You.

    But no - Bill Gates will not popup and ask You if You want to buy some shares in MS :biggrin:

    Good luck and have faith,

  • If it's any re-assurance, my company upgraded from 97 to 2000 last year

    Everything still worked

    (But it took us a couple of weeks to disable all the annoying extra features we didn't want :biggrin: )

    As Dennis says, Have faith.... oh, and remember to keep backups of any add-ins you may have running from your hard drive :wink2: - just in case they get wiped - you may also want to keep a copy of Personal.xls ...

  • I'm scheduled for WinXP assimilation in work next week. I use this at home. I have no problems with the cartoon feel, but I have problems with simple stuff like the Windows File/Search feature trying to overdo stuff. It will be nice to have access to the USB ports.

    As bad as M$ are for bringing out a new version of Office every year or two, one they are pretty good at is backwards compatability. (this might change after Office 2003, but so far so good)

    Will, thanks for reminding me to backup my add-ins. I'd have forgotten about those.

  • While all advice provided so far has been accurate I would be disappointed, nay ashamed, if any of it convinced you not to take a sickie anyway.....especially if the weather is good, or theres some good sport on the TV, or theres a movie you really wanna see, or if you just got a fresh delivery of videos that come in brown paper wrapping, or the couch is looking really comfy at the moment, or...............................

  • Quote

    Originally posted by Pesky Weasel
    ......or theres a movie you really wanna see, or if you just got a fresh delivery of videos that come in brown paper wrapping, or the couch is looking really comfy at the moment, or...............................

    ..... your girlfriend/wife is also taking the day off :wink2: ......

  • Going 97 to Xp is basis is fine your IT department should have this covered, couple of things

    Outlook express from 97 will not work the same as Outlook in Xp as Xp uses PST files 97 does not opting for many files rather that one big pst files Outlook operates on so you will have to back these files up to the network and import them or any saved email will be lost. Outlook will easily do this for you when you go through this procedure

    VBA can be tricky in old 97 excel documents as Xp is slightly different you could find some debug, this is not major just needs some re coding

    Workbooks open end by that I mean non VBE Window are fine and nothing should fails so the data is fine and works ok.

    ON save you will be asked to save to higher version of cause

    The rest are just teething issues a its all new and looks very different for a few minutes, I made this change and was ine these are the only problems I can recall from early last year


  • Unfortunately no Microsoft product that I am aware of comes with a 'Anally Retentive, Bueracratic, Clueless Network Administrator Wizard' though maybe it would be a good idea.

  • The young lady that upgraded my OS yesterday decided that I should download and re-install all of the company software that she wiped out with the upgrade.

    What exactly are we paying her for? I might as well have done the OS upgrade myself if I'm having to reinstall the standard desktop plus the few extras that I had.

  • From ComputerWorld, Feb. 16, 2004

    It's 1980, and this data-processing service bureau runs the accounting work for a local department store. "On occasion, the client would ask for slightly different versions of the monthly reports, which always required programming changes," says pilot fish [IT supervisor] at the service bureau.

    "After one trying week of several variations, I reminded the client that her latest request would incur a programming charge.

    Her response: "Instead of changing the program, couldn't you just tell the computer what to do?"


    Maybe the IT dept has expanded its hiring horizons! :biggrin::o

    Software: OpenOffice 3.0/NeoOffice 3.0 on Mac OS X 10.5.6
    Humanware: Older than dirt

    Old, slow, and confused - but at least I'm inconsistent!

    (retired Excel 2003 user, 3.28.2008)

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