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  • Hi everyone:):):)

    Quick Question:

    How do I protection the formulas within a worksheet? I want to be able to protect the formulas within a worksheet, but still be able to change background color of the cells that are unprotect.

    Thanks in advance for your help.

  • What version of xl are you using? In xl2k2 there are a few options that would allow you to protect the sheet but still alow various formatting options


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  • Just re-read your original post - you know that you can format individual cells as unlocked (Format>Cells... Protection tab, unchecking the locked option) before you protect the sheet? Ergo keep your cells with formulae in locked and format the cells you want to be able to change as unlocked.

    That what you mean?

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  • Yes that is what I meant...

    I tried that, but it doesn't work like that. Once the worksheet is protected, I am unable to change the formating of a unlocked cell. Is there a way to changed the formating of the unlocked cells while the sheet is still protected?

  • I'm talking out of my arse! You're right that you can't change the formatting! oops!

    Erm... What formats do you want to apply? Just wondering if there's something you could do with a macro using the unprotect/reprotect method perhaps?

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  • I would like to change a color of an unlocked cell when the worksheet is protected. I would like to keep the sheet protected so that I would miss up any formulas when I an inserting new data.

    Thanks for all your help!!!!!!!!!!!

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