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    Hi gijsmo,

    Firstly I would just like to show my appreciation and say a huge thank ou for this code, you have no idea how much easier it has made my life. the removal of the Calender Control from 2010 was the thorn in my side.

    I do have a quick question though, I have been trying to figure this out but have been getting a little lost in the code.
    I'm only using this for a simple data entry userform that requires a date, I have mamage to get everything working smoothly from your first couple of version. Once you have clicked the date that you want, the date that is entered in the box is in US format (mm/dd/yy), I'm looking to change this to UK format (dd/mm/yy). Is there a line telling this to be in US format or am I looking in the wrong place?


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    Hi padster18,

    I did a bit of work a while back in this code to "internationalise" it as much as possible. If you are using the Calendar form module from the DatePicker 8.5 demo or the DatePicker addin demo (form Version 2 Build 7) then it should format the date based on the system Short Date settings that you specify in the Control Panel (Regional/Language options).

    If you look at my DatePicker form module it uses the date formatter function (from the Calendar module) to set the date format "Calendar.FormatDate(Date)". This ensures a consistent date format as the Calendar.FormatDate function uses an internally derived format based on the system Short Date.

    One thing to note is that if the Short Date is not returned by the system call, it will try and use the Long Date format and if both fail it will default the date format to "dd/mm/yyyy"

    So, first of all I would check the Short and Long Date settings on your system and then also confirm you are formatting dates in your userform using the Calendar.FormatDate function.

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    This thread is getting far to many questions (thread hijacking). If you have questions please start your own thread and if required add a link back to this thread.

    Thread closed.

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