Links in Help return error

  • When using the Help for "=IF" on the answer pane I selected the link "See Also". An error was returned
    "Object doesn't support this property or method URL: mk:@MSITStore:C:\Program'%'20Files\Microsoft%20Office\Office\1033\xlmain9.chm::/html/xlfctIF.htm.
    What is this ?

  • hi diego

    not sure abt the error msg but if u need help on the IF formula maybe i can help a bit.

    basically its a "If this is true then do this else do this" kind of formula.

    for eg; =if(A1=1,"Cell A1 is One", "Cell A1 is not One")

    the above example says that if cell A1 contains the value of one, then the return will be a statement saying "Cell A1 is One" , otherwise its"Cell A1 is not One"



    Xlite :sheep:
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