Query Access Database Using ADODB Very Slow

  • Hello Everybody,

    I have a code to write three fields of data (genereted by code) to an Access Database using ADODB.
    BUT this is very slow, considering this is a simple code using SQL. Is there another faster way to write the fields to a file or database on a shared drive over the network?

    Thanks in advance,

    Gr, W.

  • Hi,

    it depends on how you store the data in your database. Can you post your code?
    What do you mean by slow, slow saving for multiple records? Because saving 3 fields should be fast :) .
    I'm saving thousands of records with multiple columns in a few seconds.

  • Re: Query Access Database Using ADODB Very Slow

    Hello Gollem,

    Thans fo the fast reply (sorry for my slow reply, went on a holliday)

    What I did, was to store each time a user used a function, the name of the user, date and the action (naam of the tool).
    But sinds these are all small tools the user had to wait longer to 'log' or write that data to the database, then the actual tool itself.

    But in the main wile and some searching on this form, a better idea came to me. ..
    Instead of writing each time from excel to access, i saved up a list of logs within the .xla file.
    Then when the user closes excel I write every line to the access table.

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