Fill Blank Cells In PivotTable

  • I need to sort Pivot Table data and post to another worksheet with all the details.
    In a pivot table, it only list the catagory once on the first field. When I copy and paste so I can sort on the amount filed, it does not have the details which go with it. I need the reference to follow the amount.

    I am new to Pivot Tables and there is probable an easy way to get the details to fill in each cell not just the heading.

    See attached.

  • Re: Detail Data to Copy and Paste from Pivot Tabe

    Perhaps you could reuse the original data set with a filter.
    Now if you really want to use the PT prepare it without the total for each field:
    left clic to select the field
    right clic > field settings > none
    Make a copy / Paste of the PT
    For the field you want to make the complement (Route)
    Select the cell just underneath the first value ( E6)
    enter the formula = E5
    Copy E6
    Select the complete field (E4:E12)
    Select all cells without value: Edit > Goto > Special > Blank
    Paste the formula: Ctrl + V
    Select the complete field (E4:E12)
    Change formula to value: Ctrl + C > Edit Special Paste > Value

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