• I want to be able to show the high and low values of 6 fields in a bar graph. I can get the low values to show up seperately from the high values, but I want to combine them to show the low value to the high value on the same bar for each field. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

  • OK - I'm not the chart guy but the only way I could get what I think you want is this:

    Select chart type 3D COLUMN
    On the chart area, but off of the plot area, right click and choose 3D View
    Use the arrows to realign the view of your chart to a front on shot only.
    Elevation & perspective = 0
    Rotation = 360
    Height = 100%

    This seems to be a logical way to display a chart but the only options for a 2D chart are stacked, which is not what we wnat here. There is probably an easier way to do this but...........

  • To get floating bars using a 2D chart and without additional formula to reduce the high value try a clustered column with the overlap set to 100%.
    format the low value bar to have the same colour as the plot area.
    You may need to change the series order if the high value bar is in front.



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