Help, I need to merge & purge duplicates from 2 Excel da

  • I have two Excel databases, each consisting of a mailing list (1,000 in one & 4,000 in the other). They differ in that one has some extra data (age, sex, etc.) and one has the name separated into first & last while the other has both names in one cell. First I need to merge the two databases into one Excel spreadsheet. Then I need to eliminate duplicates after I merge the two. I am a novice with Excel and would appreciate any help possible. Thank you very much.

  • in the file that has first/last names in separate columns you could combine them by inserting a new column and entering the formula =A2&" "&B2 where A2 has first name and B2 has last name. Then before deleting the columns A & B, you'll need to select all of the column containing the formula (click on the column header letter), click your copy button and then go to Edit -> Paste Special and click the Values button and OK. This will change the formulas to values and you can then delete columns A & B

    Then insert or delete columns where you need to in order that both files have equal number of columns in same order.

    Then select all the data in one worksheet (use the Ctrl + Shift +Arrow keys simultaneously to select in a certain direction) and copy/paste it at the bottom of the other worksheet. Then you can select all the columns with data and go to the Data menu and choose Sort. Sort by the column with names. Then you can get rid of duplicates by going to Data -> Filter -> Advanced Filter. Select your entire database and choose to paste it to another location and check off the Unique Records Only checkbox

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