Linked Workbook Problems

  • Greetings!

    I have a linked workbook that uses the following functions:

    VLOOKUP - Works Fine when updating
    SUM - Works Fine when updating
    SUMIF - Returns Error if Source Workbook(s) isn't Active
    DSUM - Returns Error if Source Workbook(s) isn't Active

    The source workbooks are rather large, and I cannot open them simultaneously without the system becoming hopelessly slow or hanging up.

    Any suggestions on how to overcome these problems ?

    Thanks in advance


  • mhabib,

    Have you tried using array formulae? for example instead of:




    If you are not familiar with array formulae, just enter them without the { and } and hold SHIFT + CTRL when you press ENTER. The curly brackets will then be added automatically.

  • Hi RSI,

    FYI, all functions work fine as long as the source workbooks are open. I'm not so sure that conversion to arrays will take care of linking problems.

    Anyway, I'll give it a try.



  • m,

    For 'PM' read Private Message (called U2U messages here I think). There is a button labeled 'pm' at the bottom of each post, next to 'profile' and 'find'

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