[Solved] Formulas : Locking single cells

  • I have a formula in a cell in a column. I drag it down to copy it in all the lower cells. It automatically adjusts the cell entrys to match the row. I have one cell entry that has to stay the same. How do I lock that cell reference within the formula?

  • Hi sfraser and welcome,

    You need to add a dollar sign(s) to make the cell reference Absolute.
    Here is the description from the help file.


    Relative vs. absolute references Depending on the task you want to perform in Excel, you can use either relative cell references, which are references to cells relative to the position of the formula, or absolute references, which are cell references that always refer to cells in a specific location. If a dollar sign precedes the letter and/or number, such as $A$1, the column and/or row reference is absolute. Relative references automatically adjust when you copy them, and absolute references don't.



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