Check Spelling Program to check grade school spelling

  • I want a program to check my granddaughters spelling.

    In Column "A" is the word to spell. I have turned on text to speech so it will tell her the word to spell.

    I change the font to "white" so she can't see the spelling but it appears on the ribbon. I could not hide that part of the ribbon.

    In Column "B" is her spelling:

    In Column "C", it checks her spelling

    What I want is for her to click the cell in cell A2, it will tell her what the word is, go to Columln B
    and let her key in the spelling. If it is wrong she can try again or click on the correct spelling and it will appear in column D.

    If she has it right, she can click next for the next word in column A

    If she gets it wrong, in column E it will count the times missed.


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    An interesting use of Excel.

    To resolve your first issue the macro needs to hide the formula bar:

    Application.DisplayFormulaBar = False

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    I have put together the

    Please can you see if the text to speech works as I do not have it working on my machine.

    Hopefully this will get you started. Its an interesting idea. I have two young children myself so would love to see the final version. Happy to develop this further with you.


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    A tidied up version:

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    Hi Clarity, I never even knew there was a text to speach thing in Excel... just learned how to switch it on. Great fun!

    Some of the words, especially the short words are hard to hear... say for example "PAT", "CAT", "HAT", "SAT", would sound kind of similar... not sure if a young person would be able to tell the difference. You might be able to overcome that with multi-syllable words, like "Samantha". It tends to finish words a bit quick, so for "Samantha", you might want to put "Samantaa". Notice the forced misspelling to make the word sound better.

    In any case, to trigger the text to speach, you need to use the following....


    Where the cell "O11" contains the word that will be spoken.

    What I did like about this, was the it called out numbers correctly - and were a lot clearer/easier to understand, so if cell O11 contained 1234567, it would speak it as one million two hundred... blahh blah. so it might be worth including some numbers into the mix.

    if you want to check to see when the child has clicked on a new word to spell... use the following code:

    That code MUST go into the selection change event. This code assumes your layout in your second example above... user types into Cell D7 etc and words to be spelled are in column M. You could Hide column M completely too if required.

    Best of luck with it... great idea.


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