USD $10.00 Dynamic Chart Help

  • Hi All,

    Not sure what the norm is for payment here, but will need to send via bank transfer or paypal.

    So in the workbook you will find the chart that I want to create, which is based on the table below it (created using a macro). Now this table will vary in its size, so the chart needs to be able to change depending on the number of rows. I also need the chart to be created from the table (in other words I need to be able to press a macro hotkey and it will create based on the table, no matter how many rows the table is)

    The number of columns will always be the same, as will the placement of the table.

    I tried using named ranges and macro but I suck at excel so no luck!

    Will pay whoever comes up with the first working solution, and posts it in this thread, so to avoid confusion please don't PM me, just simply paste solution in thread.

    Explanations behind the coding/formula's used and the logic behind them may merit some bonus $ :)


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