VBA for website login

  • I have this code for now: but I cant sign in to out site:
    I am getting error on the blue line. Thanks for helping. I am wanting to use this idea for some other purpose: but for now I want to know how to log on to this site.
    If anyone can suggest or help me in any way i will really appriciate that.

    Thanks again

  • Re: Please help me logon to website from book1 using vba. Thank you.


    You have been posting on Ozgrid for some time now, while we appreciate your politeness we require that thread titles are concise and use only Search Friendly Key Word titles. Including Please help me and Thank you does not fit with that requirement. This is not the first time you have created a title that does not obey Ozgrid forum rules for titles. This has been pointed out to you before and you have had posts locked in the past because of this.

    This thread is locked until you PM myself or one of the other Moderators with an appropriate title for this thread. In future if this occurs your threads may be deleted.

  • Re: VBA for website login

    Now that your title has been revised you will see that there are several threads about this. It would be worth reading through them to see if one of them contains a solution you can use. Remember you must not post questions in other threads. If you find a thread with a solution that partially works but still causes problems then post a link here and that can guide one of the volunteers to modify it to fit your requirements.

    Login To Website Automatically
    Code To Login To Webpage

    There is also some information in Web Query: Not Able To Log In but the solution may not be complete.

  • Re: VBA for website login

    Rob, i didn't get back to this thread and didnt see your reply then.
    Thank you so much ....learned alot from it.
    Thanks again

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