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    I am using Excel to manage the sales data and inventory for a restaurant. I know that a database would be a more appropriate tool, but the owner is cheep and that won't happen. The problem I am running into is that what is easy for data entry is not ideal for creating pivot tables. Currently I have most data in cross tabular format.
    date gross sales net sales #of sandwiches gift cards sold
    1/1/1 $2104.04 $1975.33 122 5

    What makes pivot tables most flexible is a single row per variable
    Date Metric value
    1/1/1 gross sales $2104.04
    1/1/1 net sales $1975.33
    1/1/1 # of sandwiches 122
    1/1/1 gift cards sold 5

    obviously the latter is a pain for data entry and the former much simpler.

    Does anyone have any suggestions to make this process simpler? Each day I will need to collect about 50 data points. I also need a flexible solutions as recipes, promotions, and ingredients change frequently.


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    This is just the basics but should get you started:

    Another approach would be to add a UserForm front end to generate the original data with an easy data entry. The UserForm can take care of the donkey work creating multiple records for a given date, all the user would have to do is pick a 'Metric', enter a 'Value' and then click 'Update' or simply when both 'Metric' and 'Value' entry fields are complete then update automatically.

    I personally would be inclined to go that route and add a 'Record ID' column as well. If you are going to implement a database in Excel, you are going to want all the tools available.

    As a side comment, I would argue to the owner that developing a database in Excel is likely to prove more costly than investing in a copy of Office that includes Access.

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    Thanks for the helpful information about cross-posting. I appreciate your taking the time to explain the issue and help me to get my problem solved. You are right that forums are a great tool and I want to respect the time and efforts of the experts who provide their resources out of sheer benevolence. I will be sure to follow the cross posting suggestions in the future.

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