VBA script to collect data from multiple worksheets

  • Okay so here is the situation. I have a Workbook with 33 work sheets containing a column which is called "Cert" which contains a number referring to the certification number of an elevator, on the same row as the cert number is a date of when the Elevator itself was used last out on a job. The maximum days an elevator can be used is 500 days, after 500 days we need to summarize all the dates that it was used in one page. The result page has a possibility of holding 250 entries so the results will be spread out on 2 pages. I want that when i input the "Elevator Number" then it pulls all the dates from all worksheets into the result cell range. Here is the workbook.

  • Re: VBA script to collect data from multiple worksheets

    I can help you with this I will post the code within the next 15-30 minutes. Now on this all you are wanting is to have the data pulled from multiple worksheets to the summary sheet for any cert # that matches the elevator number that is entered into the summary sheet.

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