Excel 2007 - LogIn Logout

  • hi,
    Im in the middle of doing a simple project.
    The idea is something like a Daily Time Card (DTC) for employee. For it will record the daily time in/out of every employee.

    The concept is, the user will log in with "UserID and Password" and the User's details will be recorded together with the time of logging in.
    Im able to perform this one with the help of the related post.

    Im having a problem in the area of log out.
    That when the User logs out, by typing the UserID and password, it should record the time-out in the "TimeOUT" in the same row of the user's logs details.

    Basic column i have for log info (password will not be display as it will be printed for reference, i record the account details in different sheet)
    Name | UserID | Date | Time IN | TimeOUT

    >>What happen is the Logout time displays in the LAST empty row of column "Time OUT" <<

    I believed this one is quite simple to an expert one.
    If I need to post my code i will, but for now i think you can help without my simple code ^^

    Thank you!

  • Re: Excel 2007 - LogIn Logout

    Hi here i post my simple code as requested.
    =====CODE FOR LOG IN=====

    ======CODE FOR LOGOUT=====

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