Cell highlighted once select the combo box item.

  • Hi,

    Need you kinf appreciate if you can help me solve the problem as below:-

    Currently I has 2 workbooks with seperate worksheets.

    Workbooks A name as "MapTracker.xlsm" with worksheets "Summary".
    It has a userform name "SysMaker_Combobox" which I will select the item in SystemDatabse.xls and "Submit Button".

    Workboook B name as "SystemDatabase.xls" with worksheers "SysSummary", all the data inside this excel file similiar like SysMaker (Title A1), ASUS (A2), INTEL (A3), Supermicro(A4).
    ------A---------------- B---------------- C
    1| SysLocation---- SysMaker------ CPU Type
    2|---- A001--------- ASUS------- Intel Core2 Duo
    3|---- A002--------- INTEL------- Intel Pentium IV
    4|---- A003------ Supermicro----- Intel Core2 Duo
    5| ----A004--------- ASUS-------- Intel Pentium IV
    6| ----A005------ Supermicro------ Intel Core2 Duo
    7| ----A006--------- INTEL-------- Intel Pentium IV
    8| ----A007--------- ASUS-------- Intel Core2 Duo

    How can I do, if I was selected "ASUS" and "Intel Core2 Duo", and click Submit Button in MapTracker.xlsm, it will highligted the location whereby the item was selected.
    (Please review the attachment - Highlighted Cells.jpg )

  • Re: Cell highlighted once select the combo box item.

    Hi Rob,

    I just attached the excel.zip file for both excel file, kindly review the attachment.
    For the MapTracker.xlsm, it will save in USER DESKTOP but SystemDatabase.xls will store in Server folder. This excel file is allow user to select the item(SystemDatabase.xls in Server Folder) and result(cells) will be highlighted once the submit button was clicked.

    For the MapTracker.xlsm, there has 2 sheets which are sheets Summary and Example.
    EXAMPLE is the sheets that will show out the items once I was selected and color will highlighted on their own location.Every Main Items like SysModel, SysMaker, Chipset, and etc has their own location as per SystemDatabase.xls, sheets Summary.

    Need you kind appreciate if you can help me solve the failure as below :-

    • Once REFRESH BUTTON was clicked, it will prompt out RUN-TIME ERROR '9', SUBSCRIPT OUT OF RANGE or Run-time error '1004': Method

    • 'Range' of object '_Worksheet' failed. I can't find out the failure, since everything is OK.
    • How was the coding that I can type when the items was selected and the result will be highlighted in sheets Summary with their own location as per sheets EXAMPLE.
    • How can I do if the item can multiple selection instead of single selection while I'm using the USERFORM COMBO BOX as per coding.

    Thanks & Best Regards,

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