Network/Collaboration Chart?

  • Hey Everyone,

    I realize this may not be an excel or a word problem, but I didn't really know where else to ask. If anyone is familiar with the software and/or method used to create a network/collaboration chart such as this one from the CIHR website I would greatly appreciate you sharing.

    If not, is there any way to make a similar chart in word or excel? Basically I need to show the number of collaborations between one institution and a few dozen others in graphical form.

  • Re: Network/Collaboration Chart?

    Your image is a bit small to be legible, so it might be better if you provided a link to the chart on the site you mention. A brief glance says that it may be the kind of thing that could be done in Excel but it would require quite a lot of programming.

    In Word it would be horrendous so I will move this thread to the Excel forum where it may get a bit more exposure.

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