Summing by Comparing 2 Lists??

  • Hi!

    I have been given sheet1 that contains lists of types of expenses. The first row has headings such as Food, Utilities, medical, etc. The cells below each heading form a list of subcategories. (For example, under the Utilities heading is electricity, water, gas, phone, and cable. Under the Medical heading is Health Insurance, Dental, Medication, Optometrist. etc.)

    I also have sheet2 that contains all the actual expenses. A1:A150 have a type of expense which could be any of the choices from under a heading on Sheet1. B1:B150 is the amount for each type of expense.

    Problem: I need a formula to find out how much was spent on medical.

    My hope was that I could use one formula that will check every cell in A1:150 and for every one that matches any cell under the heading Medical from Sheet1 their corisponding values will be summed.

    Any suggestions?

  • Re: Summing by Comparing 2 Lists??

    That formula works great if I'm only matching matching to sheet1!A2. However, there are more cells below A2 that need to be checked to see if they match. In this case, A2:A7 all relate to medical and need to be checked.

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