Code for range selection generates error

  • Hello
    I enter in VBA on the keyboard
    Range(¨A1¨;¨X1¨).Select does not be accepted in compilation.It s the sign : who is lightded!!!
    When I record an automatic macro it write quite the same Range(¨A1¨:¨x1¨).Select
    ??? very strange!
    Can some one explain me that thanks

  • Re: Typing RANGE(....Does not go!

    Your not hitting the shift key when typing your range

    Range("A1:A10").Select ' Is Correct

    Range("A1;A10").Select 'Is Wrong

    ; is unshifted

    : is shifted


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  • Re: Code for range selection generates error with Keyboard

    No No I did nt type an ; but the good : I make no error
    Can any one explain me why this typed on the keyboard with a good : is not accepted;(the ; seems to be not accepted!)
    but with the automatic macro the same Range(¨A1¨;¨R1¨)goes well !!!!!!!!Very strange
    I have Excel2003,and an azerty Kb

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