Macro key recording

  • Please excuse my ignorance. I'm fairly new at this. I wish to record a macro in Excel that will 'record a menu item' being key stroked. The menu is a 3rd party add in to Excel, which performs a function when it is clicked.

  • Hi bas,

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    I've removed the 'Solved' indicator from your post as you haven't had any replies yet, so I assume you hit the Solved button by mistake ;;)

    I don't think its possible to do what you ask (certainly not with the Macro Recorder). Possibly with some API routines, but I'm not familiar enough with API to be sure.

    Can you explain what you are trying to achieve?

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    Use the Tools menu to select Macro and then Record New Macro. Fill in the dialog box as desired and click OK.(A floating tool bar will popup with a button that you can push when you are ready to stop the recording) Then select your menu item. When you are ready to stop recording, push the stop button. That's it.

    (Added in edit) Oops. Richie is correct (as usual). The recorder won't capture the menu click on an add-in.

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