Bad xls file with comments

  • Hi All!!!
    I have a bad xls file with macros and cells with comments. Yesterday I Worked in this file and today I can't open it, I have Windows NT with Dr. Watson and when I try to open the file Excel ask me for enable/disable macros and then ask me for a link with other document and then Dr Watson error appear and excel shout down. I try in XP Office and windows 95 but the error continue. I could export the sheet to word but the comments are most important than the sheet data and I dont know what can I do. HELP!!!!! Can I export the comments without open the file? THANKS A LOT!

  • I was afraid that was the case. It sounds as if your workbook is corrupted and theer may not be much you can do about. I have heard that OpenOffice can sometimes open corrupted Excel files so you might want to download and try that.

  • Not really able to read from a document if you cant open it even if it looks like an separate xls file is used but not open its best to thing of it as open in the background out of site thou: like Vlookup to closed xls files is common use of this so running a VBA script to rip the comments could be hard all within Excel for that might be necessary to export / rip the cells comments to Microsoft Word – just an idea

    A fast test might be to try an rip a range from sheet1 [any sheet you know was there, here I have used CodeName] and see if can copy out the data


    --- code for all variables
    --- code set parameters

    xxworkbook.Sheet1.UsedRange.Copy Destination:=xx_workbook.Sheet1.Range("a1")

    this code above must be on one line or use the code below notice the UNDERSCORE to join the code lines

    xxworkbook.Sheet1.UsedRange.Copy _ Destination:=xx_workbook.Sheet1.Range("a1")


    Erm seems to auto-set to one line ???

  • Jack, thanks you! It's a good idea, if Ihave the same problem again I'll try it.
    Otherwise I have to say you and to Derk that I could open de document in my PC, in my house, I have XP, yesterday in my office I tried with XP but I had the same error, may be the installation configuration aren't the same then I could open it and copy the comments to another file because I couldn't open it with macros, XP disable their automatically.

    Thank both of you for your help!!!!

  • OK but try to run code from a second workbook and rip the problem on also try formulae in case will allow reading but not open. You can also try other spreadsheet packages star is one oipen office and so on, alst try to open teh XLS in a word processer will be scatteed data but shows if the xls is readable so copuld point to Excel software problem also


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