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  • Thanks in advance for any ideas!

    I have a listbox on my Home page. When the work book opens the listbox is populated with all the sheet names. What i have done is created a button on the Home page that creates a new sheet from a template page and it names the sheet the name of the Equipment. The problem i am having is for some types of equipment there is more than 1 type. I need a way to open another set of choices for each selection if available.

    Example 1. I select Hammer from the listbox. Hammer being the Basic description of the group. I now need to be able to select what type of hammer i.e Ballpin, rubber malet ect.

    A tree type would be fine or even a second listbox. But the catch with all that is it would have to be created from a userform. Any ideas?

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    You can add a TreeView control to a worksheet using (with the worksheet in Design Mode) the 'More Controls' button on the 'Control toolbox' menu bar. The control name is 'Microsoft TreeView Control version 6.0'

    Populating it is another matter though, it'll have to be coded as there's no 'RecordSource' property to point to a worksheet range.

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    I will look into that thank you.

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