Microsoft Forms Error

  • I have the old problem of an activex control (mscomct2.ocx) not being available on a target machine. It is not possible to install it on the target machines because I dont know who/where they will be. I can deal with the problem in the code by not using the calendar control and I can find out if the ocx is installed in the event and take appropriate action in the code, but... how do I stop the error message "Could not load some objects because they are not available on this machine" from appearing when the workbook is opened.
    Any help greatly appreciated


  • Re: Microsoft Forms Error

    Hi Junho,thanks for the reply.
    My problem is that I cant install the ocx on the target machines. I don't know who will be using the excel file (it will reside on a server) or what they have installed in the way of ocx's. What I need is to be able to stop excel complaining when the file is opened if the ocx is not on the machine. I can deal with the lack of the ocx file by using alternative user forms that don't use and activex controls, I just want to stop the error meesages from worrying the user.

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