Compare Columns from several worksheets - Copy Matching Rows To New Sheet

  • Hello,

    I have been reading lots of post about that but I could not fit my problem with the answers.

    I have several worksheets (6) with almost the same dataset, columns A, B, C. I would like to match the cells from columns A, copy the rows from the matches into a new worksheet on the same line. If they don't match for all the worksheet, I would still like to group them in one row with a blank for those columns which don't match... So i guess it should paste in specific columms the data from each worksheet. Check the exmple below, it's way easier than explaining with sentences.


    worksheet1 : "GA18"
    Id, All1, All2
    AK9601, 110, 110
    AK9602, 112, 110

    worksshet2 : "GA28"
    Id, All1, All2
    AK9601, 210, 208
    AK9602, 222, 216
    AK9603, 210, 208

    worksheet3 : "GA38"
    AK9601, 310, 318
    AK9603, 320, 328

    And I would like my results in a worksheet like that:
    worksheet : All
    AK9601, 110, 110, , 210, 208, , 310, 318
    AK9602, 112, 110, , 222, 216, ,
    AK9603, , , 210, 208, , 320, 328

    Thanks for your help.
    I have tried with COUNTIF and VLOOKUP but I have to recognize that I am a total beginner.

  • Re: Compare Columns from several worksheets - Copy Matching Rows To New Sheet

    Sorry Herbds7, but it's not what I am looking for.

    There is no mathematical correlation between my column, so I don't understand how come you generate more ID, get value >500... I just want to sort the data, copy the rows depending on match found in the column A (Id)

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