Replace decimal separator in time format to colon

  • Can you help me to change a time format in cell A1 from H.MM.SS to cell A2 in H:MM:SS please. The difference being a colon instead of a full stop.The formula bar in both cases is showing 0:12:34AM but the next part of the work returns #VALUE! as the result. This is what I need to happen next. The next cell A3 changes A2 into a number like 0.123456 which then has 2% added to it and returned in cell A4. And finally cell A5 returns a new time as H.MM.SS again. I think there are some hidden cels that do this final conversion.
    Many thanks

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    Hi. Thanks junho lee. Unfortunately not. It now returns another error saying there is an error in the formula. Cheers


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    =TEXT(A1,"h:mm:ss AM/PM")+0



    and format the target cell with desired time format

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