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  • I need help computing the Project Start Dates for each US state marketing campaign, under the Attached File "Strategic Plan" tab.

    Column E: Total Number of State Contacts
    Column F: Estimated Processing Time - calculated as =E2/(9*4.33) meaning, I could process 9 contacts per week in a given month, resulting in an answer in months.
    Column G: Project Begin Date: If I started my first state (Row 2), on February 1, 2011 (provided it's a weekday, because it will only be workdays), when would I complete the project (February 1, 2011 + results of Column F)
    Column H: Project End Date: What date will the project be completed if began on February 1, 2011 for Row 2 and so on?

    Column G and H are dependent upon each others similar to that in a Gannt's predecessor task, where Column G (Project Start Date) is at 02/01/2011, the processing time is "x.xx weeks", giving a task completion date of xx/xx/2011, which date also serves as Column G (Project Start Date) of Row 3, and the process continues until all the row data has been completed.


  • Re: Compute Project Start/End Date

    Thank you for responding to my inquiry. I think your worksheet was well thought out and excellent work. However, what I'm looking to do perhaps may be easier if I add a column (even if hidden) which shows the number of contacts I can commit to making a week (my number was 9 in my original thread), divided into the amount of total contacts it shows how many "weeks" it would take for me to make all the calls to the total contact.

    Then I want to calculate if the first row of data (Row 2) takes say 3.43 weeks to make 120 contacts, I want to establish the project start date as of 02/01/2011, and go forward 3.43 weeks (calculation based on # total contacts/# contacts per week, will end on "xx/xx/2011", which also serves as my Project Start date for Row 3 and so on.

    Hope I made sense.

  • Re: Compute Project Start/End Date

    It's easier for the forum community to work with hours.
    If you work for 3.43 40 hour weeks on 120 contacts,
    then each contact takes 1.14 hours (1:08:36)
    Enter this time into Table4.
    You'll be done by 6/19/2013 12:20 PM.

  • Re: Compute Project Start/End Date

    I think the data (1:08:36) is correct because I end up with a timeframe close to what I had tried to calculate in Excel saying 2.13 years. I just need to understand for my education, the clarification on what you mean by "if you work for 3.43 40 hour weeks on 120 contracts" how that equals the 9 contracts/week for 120 contacts is calculated, and is that number adjusted for each row since the # of total contacts differs for each state? Thanks.

  • Re: Compute Project Start/End Date

    Your first post says:
    ...9 contacts per week....
    Your second post says:
    3.43 weeks to make 120 contacts...
    The hours per contact do not match:
    One Week * 40 Hours / 9 Contacts = 4:26:40 (h:mm:ss) per Contact
    3.43 Weeks * 40 Hours / 120 Contacts = 1:08:36 (h:mm:ss) per Contact
    If your forecast runs into decades, be sure to add all the holidays,
    vacations, sick leaves, union strikes and blizzards for each year into Table1.

  • Re: Compute Project Start/End Date

    I realized what I did which might make it clearer (and I apologize, I'm still learning):

    9 contacts per week (fixed amount)
    4.33 weeks in a month
    Row 2 = 129 total contacts
    So 129/(9*4.33) = 3.31 months to complete, but I want to be able to easily play with the number "9" represents (my processing efficiency/number of contacts I can close a week)

    Should I have kept the data in week format so it would be 129/9 = 14.33?

    And the dates don't have to be firm/strict because they represent a general guideline of how long it would take to complete the task.

    The final column "placement", I want to return a value where if the project completion date falls between 01/01 - 03/31/2011 it says "1Q2011", and so on.

    Thanks and sorry for the confusion,

  • Re: Compute Project Start/End Date

    I viewed the excel worksheet attachment and the set-up is almost what I'm looking for, but the Project End date calculation isn't correct because Row 2 alone (State of California) would take 3.31 months to complete, bringing the Project End date somewhere around May, 2011 "2Q2011", based on the assumption that 9 contacts can be made per week. Penny

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