Tree Diagram with Parent/Child nodes from Excel data

  • I am not sure if this is going to be possible, but I am a locksmith and need a solution to my current traditional method!

    The term Master Keying refers to a locking system where one key is required to operate several individual locks, each of which has its own operating key.

    A master key system can vary in complexity depending on it's application and may involve one or more level of master key. A system can also include a mixture of all the different types of locks within the range.

    In a plain master keyed lock system, a single key - the master key - will operate all locks in the system while each lock has its own individual key - the servant key. The several servant keys can also be made to operate one common lock (e.g the lock for the entrance door of a block of flats).

    You can then have more elaborate master keyed systems - I won't bore you with it here, please PM me if you are interested - which have Grand Master Keys, and Sub Master Keys etc etc.

    Now what I have currently been using to plan these systems out with the client is basically a matrix - please PM me for a copy by email, the sample is too large to post here - but what I really need is a tree diagram, similar to a family tree type thing, which works from the data within the matrix.

    Any ideas where I should start??


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    Sounds like you're after a decision tree. The following link leads to Microsoft's site and a third party piece of software, which can be used to produce these types of diagrams. The software isn't free - $59 - but you can download and trial things first.…treeplan-EM010243456.aspx

    Alternatively, it may be as simple as building a table/matrix with a hierarchy - e.g. Three columns: Super Master, Master, Servant. At it's simplest, suppose you have four servant keys 1,2,3,4. Two Master Keys: a,b and a single Super Master Key X.

    If you lay out your data as follows:

    SuperMaster Master Servant
    X a 1
    X a 2
    X b 3
    X b 4

    You can then build a pivot off this, which will collapse the repeated entries in Excel 2007 to give....

    SuperMaster Master Servant
    X a 1
    b 3

    This looks pretty similar to a tree. It also has the advantage of in-built filters to pick-up whatever SuperMaster/Master combination you are after.


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    Hi bradpallister.

    I've opened the spreadsheet, but you're going to need to tell me what you're trying to achieve with this workbook.

    In particular, which are your output fields (i.e. the thing that the workbook is designed to solve) and what are your input fields (the information needed to derive the solution).

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