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  • Hi

    I am trying to export a userform as GIF image. Is this possible? I am using the following code, But I get the error in Export Statement.

    Sub export_form()
    Dim us As Object
    abc = ActiveWorkbook.Path
    Set us = UserForm1
    gifname = InputBox("Enter name for GIF:")
    us.Export abc & gifname & ".gif", FilterName:="GIF"
    End Sub

    Ram P

  • Hi Dennis

    Thanks for your reply.

    Yes it does appear that Export Method is applicable for only charts.

    Is there a way to Copy the Userform Image and then export it as JPEG OR GIF IMAGE?


    Ram P:bouncy:

    Ram P

  • If you display your UserForm and use Alt>Print Screen you will create an image of the UserForm on your cipboard. This can be pasted into your documnt. If you have the free addin from http://www.asap-utilities.com you can use the export sub-menu to save a range as an image file. Just carefully select the area around your gif so that your range only shows the form. Takes a couple of minutes. Sample gif attached

  • There is a print form option could you redirect this

    PrintForm prints all visible objects and bitmaps of the UserForm object. PrintForm also prints graphics added to a UserForm object.

    The printer used by PrintForm is determined by the operating system's Control Panel settings.

    Private Sub Print_This_Form()
    End Sub

  • My call Jack as you know is very lazy best days

    I would print screen and literally paste the whole screen into Excel and crop it to size and re jig, takes 10 seconds to do.

    Warning it not a real crop its more if hide, so can be un-cropped.

    This is do all day long, and gets very good results, and as such I suggest this often. If you require a real crop your need some image software, M$ Paint can do this, but the guru would be Paint Shop Pro this application package version 5, current is 8 I recall is now FULL FREE on magazine cover disk in the UK, so have a look about.

    Kindest possible regards

    Jack in the UK

  • I presume that I can use the PrintForm feature instead of GIF images..

    Thanks Everyone for your kind suggestions.

    If I use the ClipBoard option and then crop the image, I may have to call another application to save the cropped image as a GIF image...

    Ram P

    Ram P

  • Thanks Andy for your Add-in. It does work for objects on the worksheets, But not for independent Userforms.

    I shall beusing it for my variousother applications.


    Ram P

    Ram P

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