Crystal Reports from Excel??

  • WillR + Others,

    Has anyone ever used the CRViewer9 control to generate reports from Excel?

    I've seen Crystal Reports out put from another application and was fairly impressed. Wondered if it could be done in Excel?

    Have placed a control on a user form but have no idea what to do next?

    Any Ideas / Help would be great.



  • AJW,

    I do not think you can create crystal reports from data stored in Excel using just the viewer control.

    You need the full version of Crystal Reports. When version 7 onwards gets installed, an add-in is installed at the same time (for both Excel & Access) which enables you to create Crystal Reports from either application. The option should be added to the Tools menu in Excel (called Crystal report Wizard).

    If it's not there & you have Crystal Installed, the default directory is
    \\Program Files\Seagate Software\Report Designer Component\crexcel9.xla

    Then you will be able to create your reports directly from Excel. It is worthnoting that crystal in effect creates a database(.mdb) file from the excel data. This file, the .xls file & the resulting crystal (.rpt) file cannot then be moved or the datalink will be broken & the crystal report cannot be refreshed...

    Once you have created your report you can view it using the ActiveX Viewer if needs be, but I'm fairly sure you need the add-in or the report designer component installed to be able to create the actual report,

    Hope this helps,


  • Re: Crystal Reports from Excel??

    Dear all,
    I have created the Report by using crystal report wizard from the excel data.
    Can i incorporate the same in the application.
    If, so could u please tell me the steps to be followed in incorporating the report in the application while the data is in excel itself.

    Hoping for the solution soon!!


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