Round up / down date/time format?

  • Hello, I am using a formula to get the exact business hours between two dates and time. However, it doesn't calculate "business hours" properly when the event STARTS before or after the business hours. For example: I have a start date and end date below and the business hours are 8AM to 5PM, it should calculate the elapsed time = 2:13 (2 hours and 13 minutes), since the business hours started at 8AM. it should not count something that started at 1AM, before the business hours. Make sense? If the event started and ended within the business hours then it works fine.
    2/11/2011 1:00
    2/11/2011 10:13

    How can I make the formula to take business hours into consideration when it STARTS outside of business hours?

    Maybe I could round up/down the start / end column to to tnearest business hours too with a conditional IF statement? Any help?

  • Re: Round up / down date/time format?

    Hello russ101,

    I see you posted this query at MrExcel too. Crossposting is against Ozgrid rules unless you also include a link to that post - here it is - please see barry's reply!

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