Search for value and return text in column header

  • I have a list of zip codes spread across several columns and organized by county:

    Boone | Cook | DeKalb | Dupage
    60033 | 60004 | 60111 | 60007
    60135 | 60005 | 60112 | 60101
    60145 | 60007 | 60115 | 60103
    60146 | 60008 | 60129 | 60106

    My goal is to search the list of zip codes organized across multiple columns [where the lookup_value is a zip code], and then return the name of the county that that zip code is located under.

    Can anybody help?

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    Hello nutritionkiwi,

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    Using your sample data with the values starting in cell A1, try this:

    Note: Sheet references are sheet code names -- not worksheet (tab) names -- adjust as required.

    To add the Macro:

    Press Alt + F11 to open the VB Editor
    Menu > Insert > Module (not a Class Module)
    Copy and paste this code into the module
    Adjust any sheet or range references as required
    Press Alt + Q to close VB Editor

    To run the macro press Alt + F8, select the macro and run it.

  • Re: Search for value and return text in column header

    Assuming your table is in A1:D5 then with a specific zip code in F2 try this "array formula" to get the relevant header


    Formula needs to be confirmed with CTRL+SHIFT+ENTER so that curly braces like { and } appear around the formula in the formula bar

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