Move Chart Elements by Mouse

  • Hi Folks,

    I've got a serious issue with Excel 2007.
    Let me explain.

    IN Excel 2003:
    If I wanted to recreate e.g. a normal column chart, from a picture of a column chart with no data labels, I've added that picture as chart backround in a chart with dummy data, aligned both axis, set up the right scales and then I selected one single column from a series and then I was able to drag that column up or down, with the mouse, so after a couple of minutes you ended up with a very good recreated column chart.

    IN 2007:
    Everything works as in 2003 but with one exception: I can't find a way, to drag the columns by mouse anymore!
    Please help....

    I've attached a sample file.
    If you open that file with 2003, you will be able to drag a single column of on series.
    In 2007 no more....

    Is there any way to gain back this feature?
    Or is there any other way, to recreate charts?

    Big thanks


  • Re: Move Chart Elements by Mouse

    Unfortunately that is not supported in the new chart engine (see here) - you have to manipulate the data directly, not the chart.

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