Recognize first cell in row > 0 and sum next 5 cells

  • I am working on two formulas. One to recognize the first cell in a row with data in it and then count that cell and the next five. Also another one to recognize the last column with data and to count the previous 6 rows starting with that column. I might be able to come up with some terribly long and dreadful formula that takes two days to read and if one mistake is in it it takes another 4 days to figure it out. I think my other posts express the idea in totality. also there should be dummy excel file attached.

    thank you,

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    Please allow a minimum of 18-24 hours before bumping your thread for a response.
    All of those helping on the forum are unpaid volunteers generously lending their time and expertise.

    It would be more helpful if you identified exactly which rows are in view and showed, in your workbook, a manually created example or two, the expected results so that everyone is clear on how to develop the solution.

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    Sorry AAE,

    It is my first time asking a question. I have used the information a lot and love the website, just not real sure how everything works yet. I will try to be as specific as possible. I am not real sure how to do what you are asking but I am going to try to make it as clear as possible with the attachment I already have attached previously. I also don't know how to edit that post or I would have just done it on that one.

    I have customers that started with our service in different months. They don't always pay the bills on time so what I am looking for is a formula that will allow me to see their frequency of the first 6 months of bills, and the current or past six months of bills. If you see my attachment you will see how it is set up. the payments go across the rows under the months, starting at Column N row 13. there will be empty cells previous to their starting month and then of course could be some to follow. I just want to start at their first month add the next 6 months whether they paid that month or not, and then divide it by 6. That formula will go in F13. The same thing for the previous six months, this formula will go in H13 and of course will fill down.

    Thank you again, I really do appreciate the help, and apologize for my greediness.


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    I also don't know how to edit that post or I would have just done it on that one.

    [COLOR="navy"]How to revise your post, thread title or upload an attachment[/COLOR]

    1. Click the EDIT POST button in the gray band immediately below your first post
    2. Click Go Advanced
    3. Edit your post or thread title
    4. If uploading an attachment: scroll down to Manage Attachments

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    This is an array formula and works great, the only thing I am trying to do now is skip column Z:AA, AN:AO,..... Basically skip two columns after every twelve columns.

    Also then I will need to convert this to notice the last column with a value greater than 0 and do the same for the previous six months

    Thank you,

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