HELP! Turning Excel Info into Word "Page Numbers"

  • Thanks for LOOKING! Your ROCK!

    I need to know how to take a column from my Excel File, and turn it into page numbers (ex: SB1, SB2, SC1, SC2 etc) in the HEADER of my WORD DOCUMENT.

    If you can help, PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE DO!

    What can I say... I am a newbie!

  • Hi amwilson and welcome.

    Sorry, it might just be me, but I can not understand your question. :(

    Can you give us an example of what is in your excel column.
    Does each row in the column contain a page number? Is it in order so that row 1 is page 1 and row 6 is page 6?

    Does the word doc exist and if so what does it contain?
    What are SB1, SC1 etc?



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