Printing : Excel versions

  • Hey all,
    I have a code that works for me in office 2002, but it will not work in 2000 can anyone help me with what is wrong please. Thanks in advance.

    mycop = UserForm1.TextBox1.Text
    If mycop < 1 Then GoTo errhandler1:
    If mycop = "" Then GoTo errhandler1:

    If Application.Dialogs(xlDialogPrinterSetup).Show = False Then End
    If Sheet1.ListBox1.Selected(0) = True Then Sheet18.PrintOut Copies:=mycop

  • it gives me an VB error and wants to debug and does not print anything. But it does work like it is supposed to in Office 2002. What it supposed to do, is when someone highlights the report they want to print, and hit the print button, a userform pops up and asking how many copies (Which that text is mycop).

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