Extracting all rows between certain criteria

  • Hi there,

    need help with this urgently.

    I have a database with information relating to course timetables and i need to extract the information from the given criteria. The criteria specifies the school, course, venue, mode along with the Induction Date and the End date. I need to extract all the rows between the specified induction and the course end without having data from other batches showing up.

    Currently the problem i am having is that i can extract the data within a date range but it gives me data from all batches.

    I hope I am clear with my question

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    Thanks for taking the time.

    What i want is for eg: to extract only rows 13 to 18 when i specify the school, course, mode, venue and the date (irrespective of the module). For the date, I will be entering 2 dates, one being the Induction Date and the other being the course end date.

    So ideally, When the induction date and course end date is specified as 10/04/10 and 12/08/10 respectively, I need only rows 13 to 18 to be extracted. And when i specify the induction date as 10/09/10 and the course end date as12/15/10, i only need rows 24 to 29 extracted. Thats what I meant by a batch, so even tho they run during the same time period, they are different batchs.

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    Can't troubleshoot your file since it refers to unknown external files.
    For learning purposes, I suggest you start with my file as a template.
    Insert your unlinked data into my template in baby steps.
    Maintain the Table format since Tables are dynamic and can be moved freely.
    Run and save frequently.
    Macro available.

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    I figured out why my formula isnt working. I cant define the 'rown' in my sheet. Could you please tell me how i can define this.

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    Check how 'rown' is defined in Name Manager in my template.
    It refers to Table1. You did not create Table1.
    For my scheme to work, everything has to be in Tables.
    Of course there are myriad of other ways to achieve the same results.
    Be inventive and try your own schemes after you have thoroughly understood my scheme.

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    Hi Herbds7 forum.ozgrid.com/index.php?attachment/36977/

    Still having probs with the sheet and extracting the right data. It worked for one datasheet but not the other, im not sure whats wrong. So i have uploaded it for viewing.

    So according to this sheet if i enter School = Bus, Course = ADHM, Venue = College, Mode - Full Time, Induction = 06/07/2010, Course End = 11/01/2011, i only need information from rows 2 - 33 nothing else.

    And if i enter School = On, Course = PC, Venue = Portal, Mode - Distance Learning, Induction = 04/04/2011, Course End = 08/09/2011, i only need information from rows 695-700

    Also, there are many batches with the same course end date but different Induction dates. So when i enter the Induction and Course end date, I want it to pick the given induction and the first course end date that appears which corresponds to the date specified.

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