Creating Graph using VBA

  • Hi Guys,

    Would like to make a scatter diagram but with diffrent seires depending on a value in a table...

    My table has 3 column...
    ID (needs to be plotted in a diffrent colour/shape depending on it's ID)
    Qty (y axis value)
    Date (x axis value)

    the table is 61 rows long starting at P8 (excluding titles)

    The data in the tables are constantly changing, On a button press (linked to a macro) I'd like it to create a scatter diagram with the above requirements after deleting the previous chart (or would it be easier to overwrite what rows are in what sieres?)

    thanks for any help,

    File attached for example!

  • Re: Creating Graph using VBA

    Thanks, not a big fan of Pivot tables but I know they can be useful, just not used them much.

    Is there anyway to get this is a scatterdiagram showing all the ID's on the same graph (overlayed on each other)?
    Or just thought, even better would be a bar chart with a bar for each customer within each month, so the ID's are next to each other?


  • Re: Creating Graph using VBA

    Just one last thing, trying to recreate it to work with the data I've got and I can't see how you've turned the date into month and year when going from a table to a pivot table...

    Can anyone tell me how to have two diffrent feilds showing month and year from my origonal date column in my table?


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