Determine count based on time interval of X minutes

  • I have created a schedule for mutiple employees with varying time slots. One employee may be working 9:45 am - 5 pm and another may be scheduled from 12 pm - 2 pm etc. Each employees time is calculated to make sure they are under 40 hours. The problem I am having is that I need to make sure that I always have at least 6 employees scheduled at all times (2 of which must be supervisors). I would like to see at 15 minute time slot intervals that I am covered. Is there a way to accomplish this by using the data entered into the schedule.

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    To get the most precise answers, it is best to upload a sample workbook (sensitive data scrubbed/removed) that shows a few manually created examples of the desired results.
    The structure and data types of the workbook must exactly match that of the real workbook. Include in the workbook a clear and explicit explanation of all requirements.The sample workbook only needs to contain enough data to illustrate the need to aid with developing the solution.

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    Thank you everyone for the advice. I was able to get something to work but I adjusted my sheet some. I will make sure to attach an example next time. Thanks again!

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    For the benefit of others who find this thread during a forum search, please post your complete solution along - a clear, explicit explanation and, if possible, sample workbook.
    We all hate dead-end threads - looks promising, but then you find there is no solution given.


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