Time series duration and peaks

  • Hi,

    I have a huge set of raw data that needs to be sorted based on Peaks and time series.
    Attached is a sample of the data.
    I need to fill column D & E of the data. The first two columns were filled from equations I found on the net.

    1. Time of peak; the exact time associated with the LARGE peak of the data based on specific data and time entered on the right box. The time eneterd on the right is to set a search criteria.
    2. Duration of peak; how long the peak lasts. The rule is the peak must be over 5 to be considered as a peak and more than 4 minutes. If it is not more than 5 and less than 4 minutes, then it does count and the next peak (LARGE(Table,2)) must be sought and so on.

    Can someone help please :smash:

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