creating parallel arches

  • I've been trying to create parallel arches (similar to railroad tracks around a bend). Its very easy to create the outer arch with

    My problem is creating the inner arch to run parallel with the outer arch. I've tried increasing the y point by the (arch Spacing) as well as reducing the xpoint by the same as well as subtracting the (arch spacing) from the width and height. I can't seem to get the arches to run parallel. They always get wider or shorter at the top or bottom.

    Anyone have any ideas why. I must just not be getting how the syntax works for these shape types. Or where the arch is actually originating from. I assume that the arch is created by using 1/4 of a complete circle, but even reducing the width and height doesn't get the arches to run parallel.

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    Here's two sets I created that are parallel. I verified by zooming up the magnification to get a better view. Note the way Top and Left have to adjust to keep the center the same when the width and height change. The adjustment is different for "Left" arches than for other arches.

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    Thanks Guys for your your Help!

    The people at this site really are Experts!!!!

    Herbds7 Your example sheet is a perfect example of what i'm trying to do.

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