How do I add detail data counts to summary data worksheet?

  • I have a workbook with multiple pages for each product, and one master page for out customers. for a given customer id, I can go to each product page and see what they have ordered, and get a count for those products back on my customer summary page.

    Now I want to add counts for each different model of my product and add these "sub-counts" to my summary page as seperate columns. I was able to use a pivot table to get the detail data to pivot correctly, but since not all customers ordered a given product ( or it would seem any products at all), I wasnt getting a 1:1 match on customer id's between my master page and my pivot table.

    My question is this: How can I get these sub-counts into my master sheet? is there a way to join on the customer id from the master page to the pivot table, grab the related row of counts, and put that in my master page? do I need to use an nested iif statement to check for match on customer id and hard code each product model name? is there another way entirely?

    thanks in advance!

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