Using SUMIF combined with VLOOKUP

  • Hi,

    I am trying to use SUMIF combined with VLOOKUP to return dat based on mulitple criteria

    I have 2 Spreadsheets
    Spreadsheet 1 contains the following columns with data. This spreadsheet is called Invoice Register and each month invoices from Customers will be entered into this spreadsheet

    Customer Name
    Invoice #
    Invoice Total

    The 2nd Spreadsheet has Customer Name and a seperate column for each month of the year. This spreadsheet is called Running Invoice Totals

    I need to build a SUMIF combined with VLOOKUP formula to do the following

    Lookup Customer Name in 2nd spreadsheet against Customer Name in 1st spreadsheet
    If Customer Name found, then if Month in 1st spreadsheet = MMM ( eg Jul), then return the total sum of all invoices for the customer in the month of Jul

    I have attached a file with some sample data.
    This is most probably basic stuff, but have had difficulty in finding a correct answer on how to build this type of combination with multiple criteria

    Any assistance will be much appreciated

  • Re: Using SUMIF combined with VLOOKUP

    Hi Windy,

    thanks for your reply. I know that Pivot Tables could be easliy be used to acheive what I am looking for here, but would like to understand how to manage it using a formula to upskill my knowledge in Excel

    Any assistance with this would be appreciated when you have some time.


  • Re: Using SUMIF combined with VLOOKUP

    put this formula in cell C2 and copy paste =SUMPRODUCT((('Invoice Register'!$A$2:$A$30)=$A2)*(('Invoice Register'!$B$2:$B$30)=C$1)*'Invoice Register'!$D$2:$D$30)

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