Calculate weighted average based on conditions

  • Hi All,

    I would truly appreciate your help to solve a conditional SUMPRODUCT issue.

    I have four columns (A, B, C, D, & E). Column A, B, & C contain Text data. Column D contains Percentage data. And Column E contains Number data.

    Basically, I want to calculate the weighted average of column D & E if and only if conditional requirements for Column A AND Column B AND Column C are met. For instance, the condition for Column A would be if cell content is “Blue”, Column B if cell content is “Bag”, and Column C “10|11”.

    I had a look at the forum and tried a few times without success. I know how to calculate the weighted average of Column D & E using the SUMPRODUCT function but I have issue “inserting” the conditions.

    Thanks a lot in advance,


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    Hello Alex,

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