[Solved] VBA : Select a cell if it is a number

  • I have a straight forward keystroke macro which opens a new bank balance worksheet (from a template) on the 5th of each month. One of the received credits occurs every 28 days on a Friday(row 11), cell B11 shows this date. B11 in the template has the number 28 already entered, using copy/paste special add, the B11 date from the Feb worksheet when pasted to the March worksheet shows a date 28 days forward. 6 Feb shows as 5 Mar when copied and pasted. 28 days forward from 5 Mar is 2 Apr, therefore both these dates show in the March balance worksheet (closes 5th April). The 2 Apr shows in B12, it is this cell that needs to be copied (not B11) next month. I need to add to the macro something like "if(isnumber(b12),Range("B12").PasteSpecial"...etc,(otherwise)"Range("B11").PasteSpecial"...etc If there is only one date showing B12 shows Text.

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