Display Worksheet Range in Userform.

  • Well I've tried and tried and tried but I can't figure it out.

    Does anyone knoe how to get a range to display in a userform.

    Not just the contents of the range but the actual range with the values etc, so that it looks just like the worksheet range.

    I've tried using a control called MSHFlexGrid but can't get the range values assigned to it. There's got to be a better way or something I've totally missed???



  • Hi XL-Dennis,

    Thanks for the response.

    I'm running Windows 98 with office 97 thus Excel 97. Don't have a lot of the fancy new stuff in later versions :(

    Do you know the path or specific *.ocx file name for the WEB office component Spreadsheet ? I'm assuming it's an OCX type control ?

    I'm currently using images in the forms I have. The idea is that when a user clicks on one of the values it will return that value to the location of choice in their worksheet. The problem is that the image is not autoupdating if the master data changes. The other problem is that I have had to overlay a squillion lables that represent the displayed values and have code attached to return the displayed value. This is an absolute pain to maintain and it also uses a heck of a lot of memory with all the images and controls.

    What I'd really like is to have a control that displays the worksheet information in a grid format and is dynamically linked to the source data. I could then use some selection event to recognise the clicked value and return it.

    Anyone with any ideas ?


    Sounds OK in theory but do you think I can figure it out ?? Not !

  • Thanks XL-Dennis,

    I think I'll have to stick with my existing method for now rather than use an imported fix. I have about 300 users on XL97 and to try updating them all against our IT departments wishes would cause me a major problem.



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