Sumproduct severely slowing down spreadsheet

  • I'm an independent contractor and I have to bill per hour per property and specify the billing code within each property. This way, when I send an invoice the client can see how many hours I have spent on each type of job for each property. The spreadsheet I have created works, but is very sluggish with all the SUMPRODUCT formulas.

    I have attached a very small sampling of this spreadsheet and have highlighted in yellow the sumproduct formulas. Can anyone help me figure out a more efficient formula that doesn't slow my spreadsheet time so much?


  • Re: Sumproduct severely slowing down spreadsheet

    I would love to use a pivot table, but I couldn't figure out how to set it up for this.

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    How many rows are you referencing with the SUMPRODUCT formulas in your real data?

    It may be that OFFSET is contributing to the inefficiencies - OFFSET is a "volatile" function which means that it recalculates every time something is changed even if data directly affecting that formula doesn't change - INDEX is better, e.g. in C19 copied down


    and similar for your other formulas

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    Daddylonglegs - You're awesome. I am still going to try some pivot tables and such to see if I can get something that works, but this sped my spreadsheet up a lot! Good to know about OFFSET.


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