library book location formula

  • i am doing an assignment and i have no idea what is asked of me. i have to enter a formula that would detect the area of psychology entered at C23, and return the floor number in D23, using the reference above and the Code at the top. would someone please help me... Thank you so so much

  • Re: library book location formula does the Dewey Decimal system work?

    A place to start:

    1. determine what letter code the book is in (either 1 or 2 left characters)
    2. determine the number values: use the SEARCH() function on "-" to determine the left and right side range and MID() and RIGHT()
    3. Use two lookups, one for the letter, then a dependent one based on the number start and end

    Is this a school assignment? If not, I can be less cryptic ;)


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  • Re: library book location formula

    its not a school assignment. im taking this to get an understanding of excel.. the book is horrible at explaining this, and the exercises were thrown to me=.= i have no idea where to start... in fact, i don't even know how the code system work.. thanks for the hint.. i will work on it now.

  • Re: library book location formula

    this is as close i get, but i am having problem with identifying the floor with some of the book. and also when i type soc psych instead of social psychology, it would recognize. i need some formula that would identity when i insert only part of the search topic instead of the full name.


    please help~~~ thanks

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