library book location formula

  • Re: library book location formula does the Dewey Decimal system work?

    A place to start:

    1. determine what letter code the book is in (either 1 or 2 left characters)
    2. determine the number values: use the SEARCH() function on "-" to determine the left and right side range and MID() and RIGHT()
    3. Use two lookups, one for the letter, then a dependent one based on the number start and end

    Is this a school assignment? If not, I can be less cryptic ;)

  • Re: library book location formula

    its not a school assignment. im taking this to get an understanding of excel.. the book is horrible at explaining this, and the exercises were thrown to me=.= i have no idea where to start... in fact, i don't even know how the code system work.. thanks for the hint.. i will work on it now.

  • Re: library book location formula

    this is as close i get, but i am having problem with identifying the floor with some of the book. and also when i type soc psych instead of social psychology, it would recognize. i need some formula that would identity when i insert only part of the search topic instead of the full name.


    please help~~~ thanks

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