Summing the functions of the previous function

  • I have a base number that I would like to start with, with that number I would like to then add a mathematical function of itself to it and then repeat it a certain number of times. Therefore I would be taking the result of the base number + function and adding a function of the sum to the sum, resulting in another number

    For example if I had a base number of 10 and an arbitrary denominator of 2:

    I would take the base number, 10, then add (10 / 2) to it. From there I would like take that resulting number, which is (10 + (10/2)), and add ((10+(10/2)) / 2) to it.

    We could replace (10 + (10/2)) with f(b), that is a function of the base number before it, and the equation would be f(b) = b + (b/2).

    I want to come up with a one line formula for excel that takes the initial base number I give it and adds f(b) to f(b-1) a specified number of times (around 200 or so times).

    Can anyone help?

  • Re: Summing the functions of the previous function

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